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Re: question (qt3.0.5, soqt, inventor)

To: "Beersma, Rob" <Beersma@xxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: question (qt3.0.5, soqt, inventor)
From: Morten Eriksen <mortene@xxxxxx>
Date: 02 Oct 2002 17:25:52 +0200
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"Beersma, Rob" <Beersma@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> I'm using Qt 3.0.5 and was wondering if there are already some "dll"
> (soqt, inventor) available for this version. I found the binaries
> for "qt220" [...]

Where did you find this? That SoQt DLL would be seriously outdated, so
please notify the provider about it.

> and if really necessary I'll go back to that version, but I'd rather
> use "qt-mt305".

Our SoQt Qt<->Inventor interface library can be compiled on top of any
version of Qt >= 2.0.0, including the latest 3.0.5.

There is no pre-compiled version available for download, but the
sourcecode can be found here:


If you have problems getting it to build, we can assist you.


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