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Contribution towards a wealthy course

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Subject: Contribution towards a wealthy course
From: "Pablo Dan Lartey" <x_cuba9@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2007 20:22:41 +0000
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Hello friend,

I am Pablo Dan Lartey, a 27 year old gentleman who have completed the university here in Ghana but there aren't much jobs avenues and as such one must survive on his own. I have always wanted to work in an organisation which seeks to promote individual development and also creates wealth and at this juncture I think I will have to come out with such an organisation.

Since completing the university a year ago, I as well as some friends of mine have tirelessly been seeking for jobs but all efforts have proven futile. It was at that time that we decided to do something on our own and nothing came to mind except helping the young, energetic yet unguided ones in the community.

These young ones have a future but they are just wasting it and we wouldn't blame them because they either come from a single parent family or an outright broken family. Such families can hardly care for their children and as such they resort to the streets engaging in all sorts of crimes even at a very tender age.

There is too much crime on the streets these days and my friends and I thought we could do something about it. In November last year, we therefore started grouping these young ones together; giving them our love, feeding, clothing, sheltering and imparting some of the knowledge we have acquired from the university to them free of charge and this we did with the help of the loan we took back when we were on campus.

We happen to be the fortunate ones because at least we've been educated formally and it brings so much joy to our hearts to see these little ones calm and ready to learn and also having the feeling that we are at least contributing our quota to the community. Unfortunately, things haven't been this good for the past two months and this is because we have exhausted all the money we had.

The children will soon go back to the streets and that will be very bad. We therefore tried to solicit for funds internally but no one will really listen to our plight. It has therefore beckon on us to come to you for an appeal of any amount being it monthly or quartly just to keep the children under our care and we even have plans of establishing an NGO (with your permission) using your name and also as the sole benefactor.

We are therefore at this juncture appealing to you on behalf of the children that you help us in this wealthy course and the good Lord will richly bless you. We will be more than delighted to hear from you and you can come down to Ghana and oversee the formation of the NGO or authorise us as to what steps to take and at what time. We will very much appreciate that.

I donot want to make this first letter a lengthy one so I will let go here and we will appreciate it if you let us here from you soon because the children are getting out of control as a result of our inability to cater for them and it breaks our hearts that such young and ambitious ones will have their energy misguided.

No matter what it is, this is our world and it is the only one we've got. Your financial support, no matter how small it may be, will go along way to transform the lives of thousands here. We believe in collective activity and with your little financial help fused with our selfless attitude, we know we can make this world a better place to live in.

Thank you for your time and we will be awaiting your reply patiently.
Yours faithfully,
Pablo Dan Lartey.

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