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KDB doesn't start ?

To: kdb@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: KDB doesn't start ?
From: Sébastien GAUME <sgaume@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2001 18:55:55 +0200
Organization: b2i-toulouse
Sender: owner-kdb@xxxxxxxxxxx

I've just installed kdb version 1.5 with linux 2.2.18, redhat 6.1. What
I've done is :
- install modutils 2.3.11
- download and unzip the patch
- apply the patch in my linux source tree
- $ cd linux
  $ patch -p1 < kdb-2.2.18....
  $ make xconfig
- in the " xconfig kernel hacking" window, I've chosen the options that
    * the use of a kernel debugger,
    * the use of frame pointers
    * the kdb running automatically after booting.

But, after rebooting, I didn't see the flag "kdb" in /proc/sys/kernel.
Thus, the kdb command seems not to work...

What did I miss ? Where am I wrong ?

Thank you for your help


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