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Re: kdb source level debugging

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Subject: Re: kdb source level debugging
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Date: Wed, 6 Nov 2002 14:13:37 -0800 (PST)
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> hi
> I am interested in implementing source-level debugging features to kdb.
> I know that kgdb already does that, but kgdb is very inconvenient to use
> compared to kdb as it requires two systems. Adding source level
> debugging to kdb would allow me to understand the kernel source code
> much better, since i would be able to trace thru the code and see it in
> action.
> has any such work already been done before? any tips on how this can be
> implemented??

The major problem is where to keep the source.  Since you're debugging
the kernel, you probably don't want to keep the source on one of 
the disks, as you may be debugging the filesystem, file cache
or disk driver.   You can't use the buffer cache/file cache as that
would perturb the behavior of the system under test in an undesirable

A primary design goal of KDB is to use as little of the regular
kernel as possible to allow the highest
level of flexibility in what can and cannot be debugged.

KGDB may be an appropriate vehicle for source-level kernel debugging. 


> Thanks in Advance
> Regards
> Sreeram
> Tachyon Technologies

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