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kdb from COM1: doesn't work with ctrl-A

To: kdb@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: kdb from COM1: doesn't work with ctrl-A
From: "Chess ForFun" <chessforfun@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2002 15:23:23 -0800
Sender: kdb-bounce@xxxxxxxxxxx
I have installed latest kdb patches for 2.4.19 kernel and kdb seems to be working fine on both machines. But when I try to debug from a serial console, I can't get into the debugger. I tried hitting CTRL-A, send a break key using kermit and minicom, nothing seems to work.
COM1 port of debug machine is connected to another linux machine's COM1 port. If I do "ls > /dev/ttyS0" then output comes there. I can also get lilo output on serial console. This confirms that serial console is working fine.
Does this combination work for anyone?
Any tips?
Another less important question: in minicom, CTRL-A is a special character, so how can I use kdb with minicom?
thanks in advance. chessforfun.

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