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Overseas investment in your country.

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Subject: Overseas investment in your country.
From: Mohamed Fahim <fahim.mohamed01@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 11 Oct 2007 19:04:07 -0000
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11th Oct 2007.

Attention Please,
We have had no previous contact but for some very important and unavoidable 
reasons, I have found it expedient to reach out to you and a few others through 
this means and medium. 

I am desirous of building a Tourist Hotel or investing in other Real Estate 
development in your country. In this regard, In this regard, I am searching for 
a reliable person who can act as my linkman and contract to assist me in 
setting up this business as well as overseeing the entire project in your 
country. If we agree to work together, you would be in a position to assume 
responsibility of ownership in your country as executive chairman but would be 
required to remit/disburse profit to me monthly or annually as we may both 
agree upon.
The sum of US$30 million is available for investment in real estate or hotel 
management with any company or individual who can help to manage it on my 
behalf and on partnership basis. If you are interested you would be expected to 
look for a suitable place in any city in your country where the business is 
Please note that as we progress, you may later have to be communicating more 
with my representative because of my deteriorating health; I have been on sick 
bed for the past months due to the bomb blast that occurred in Madrid, Spain.
Do please indicate your willingness to work with me by sending me your full 
names, age, occupation, address, private telephone and fax numbers after which 
we can discuss further. 
Your immediate response would be highly appreciated. Please be advised that for 
personal and family reasons, I desire that you treat this email and our 
subsequent communications privately.
Kind Regards,
Mohamed Fahim.

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