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Re: SIOCETHTOOL history ?

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Subject: Re: SIOCETHTOOL history ?
From: "arun" <akumar@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 6 May 2003 18:54:43 +0530
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Subject: Re: SIOCETHTOOL history ?

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> Subject: Re: SIOCETHTOOL history ?
 > Yes it does:
 Iam really stumped in that case since, mii-diag tool based
 on Donald Beckers code,
 seems to work ok without CAP_NET_ADMIN on RH 7.1 
 and RH8.0 distros. 
 (I dont set any capabilities just tried to read speed / card id
 and it never returned EPERM for me)
 I chanced on the ethtool since mii failed to report anything on
 newer Gigabit cards (specifically a Broadcom Corporation 
 NetXtreme BCM5701 card)
 However ethtool required running with su root even for reading
 the capabilities (I recompiled ethtool code with only a GSET 
 command to confirm this) and that is why i have this doubt on the
 reason of the behavioural differnces between the 2 ioctl's

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