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acenic lockup

To: jes@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: acenic lockup
From: Anton Blanchard <anton@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 7 May 2003 17:06:57 +1000
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Ive got a bucketload of acenic adapters in a ppc64 box. I get random
tx timeouts, I suspect there is a missing memory barrier (power4 is
good at catching those). Still looking.

I did manage to lock a card up in ace_start_xmit:

        if (tx_ring_full(ap, ap->tx_ret_csm, idx))
                        goto overflow;
         * This race condition is unavoidable with lock-free drivers.
         * We wake up the queue _before_ tx_prd is advanced, so that we
         * can
         * enter hard_start_xmit too early, while tx ring still looks
         * closed.
         * This happens ~1-4 times per 100000 packets, so that we can
         * allow
         * to loop syncing to other CPU. Probably, we need an additional
         * wmb() in ace_tx_intr as well.
         * Note that this race is relieved by reserving one more entry
         * in tx ring than it is necessary (see original non-SG driver).
         * However, with SG we need to reserve 2*MAX_SKB_FRAGS+1, which
         * is already overkill.
         * Alternative is to return with 1 not throttling queue. In this
         * case loop becomes longer, no more useful effects.
        goto restart;

Its stuck there and never coming out. Alexey: I have a feeling you
wrote this code, is that correct? :)


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