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Re: Questions about the status of XFS

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Subject: Re: Questions about the status of XFS
From: Thomas Graichen <news-innominate.list.sgi.xfs@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 13 Nov 2000 10:38:34 GMT
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Thomas Graichen <news-innominate.list.sgi.xfs@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Robert Hofner <robert@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Hi,

>> Are there any news regarding the availability (and functionality) of XFS
>> on Compaq Alpha machines ?
>> ...

> i am right now looking into the state of XFS on the alpha ... it in
> this moment runs an dbench 8 as a first test - if it survives (which
> it did right now) i will run a dbench 64 and after that the xfs
> stress tests and do some own stress testing - but basicaly it seems
> to work so far but is not heavily tested ... i'll post the state
> here from time to time - so stay tuned

it just finished the dbench 64 fine too - will do the stress tests
now ...


p.s.: for the XFS people: after the dbench 64 i got

  root@cyan:~# xfs_repair /dev/sdb3
  Phase 1 - find and verify superblock...
  Phase 2 - using internal log
          - zero log...
          - scan filesystem freespace and inode maps...
  bad magic # 0x0 for agf 0
  bad version # -1 for agf 0
  bad length 0 for agf 0, should be 28491
  flfirst -2147483648 in agf 0 too large (max = 128)
  fllast 50331648 in agf 0 too large (max = 128)
  reset bad agf for ag 0
  freeblk count 1 != flcount 13195527 in ag 0
  bad agbno 2962266880 for btbno root, agno 0
  bad agbno 16580607 for btbcnt root, agno 0
          - found root inode chunk
  Phase 3 - for each AG...

  but i will see if i can reproduce it ...

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