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XFS and RAID5 Aren't Playing Well Together (more info)

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Subject: XFS and RAID5 Aren't Playing Well Together (more info)
From: Danny <danscox@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2001 15:43:20 -0500
Organization: Connex Inc
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Howdy, again!

        As you may remember, Scott Smyth posted a plea for help here last week
(or early this week), regarding XFS on RAID5.  If an attempt to mount
XFS on a RAID5 array while it's rebuilding is made, then the rebuild
stops, as evidenced by the numbers in /proc/mdstat never changing.  He
asked me to work on this too, and I have some more insight to share.

        The function md_do_sync in md.c is the scheduling exec for raid5syncd. 
Around line 3353, a for loop is started.  It calls raid5_sync_request
(in raid5.c) who updates some number of blocks, and returns how many it
updated in the blocks variable.  During the failure, I've verified that
blocks is 0!  Thus, j (the loop index) is never increased, and it never
exits.  It also never reaches the 'md_signal_pending' call, which is
consistent with my findings: kill(1) doesn't work on the runaway

        Tracing back into raid5_sync_request, the last statement is:

                return (bufsize>>10)-redone;

Now, bufsize comes from sh->size, which is the MD blocksize.  I've
noticed several times now, that kernel messages from raid5 regarding the
bufsize changing to/from 512, 1024, and 4096 occur just before any
oopsen/panics/crashes.  If bufsize is really 512, then 512 >> 10 is 0! 
In fact, even with a 'clean' RAID5, in just copying a directory full of
"The Allman Brothers" MP3s to my XFS on RAID5, these blocksize change
messages occur several times, after which the kernel
oops/panics/reboots.  That last part is inconsistent.  Hopefully, this
isn't due to the content of the files ;-).

        Now my main question: why does XFS change the block size?  Also, when I
attempt the mkfs.xfs, md reports: "mkfs.xfs(pid 527) used obsolete MD
ioctl, upgrade your software to use new ictls."  Is this an attempt by
mkfs.xfs to change the blocksize?

        Thanks for your time!

"Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick 
themselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened." 
   -- Winston Churchill 


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