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Re: About quotas ... (Was: TAKE - root quota)

To: Blizbor <tb670725@xxxxxx>
Subject: Re: About quotas ... (Was: TAKE - root quota)
From: "Nathan Scott" <nathans@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2001 16:06:09 -0400
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In-reply-to: Blizbor <tb670725@xxxxxx> "About quotas ... (Was: TAKE - root quota)" (Feb 27, 10:36am)
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On Feb 27, 10:36am, Blizbor wrote:
> Subject: About quotas ... (Was: TAKE - root quota)
> At 2/27/01 04:06 AM, you wrote:
> >This fixes the problem Thomas reported about not being able to
> >mount root XFS filesystems with quota enabled (see quotaon.8).
> Hi,
> Did you have some more information about quota in the XFS ?

I'll try to write a howto sometime in the next few weeks.
The quota man pages (see cmd/quota/*) have been updated to
reflect the changes made to the Linux quota tools to support
the XFS quota model as well, so you may be able to glean all
the info you need from them.

> Especially
>  - what isn't implemented yet
>  - when groupquota wil be on

group quota is pretty much all thats left now, plus fixes
to any new bugs that crop up, of course - I don't know of
any bugs currently though.

group quota support in the XFS kernel code isn't started
yet - its probably a month/two away, once someone starts
on it (and it is unlikely to be started immediately).
Userspace is done from this perspective, the changes will
all be in the kernel (unless I've overlooked something).

>  - if dirquota will be supported

No - if I understand what you mean by "dirquota", neither 
XFS nor ext2 quota support this.  They use inode and block
based quota enforcement mechanisms, and limits are set at
the filesystem level.

>  - how compatible it's with ext2fs quotas

Depends how you look at it ... from a users point of view,
there should be very little difference between XFS and ext2
quota - the same tools can be used for both (provided you
used the patched cmd/quota/* tools, of course).  The big
differences, I guess, are that there are no user visible
quota files in XFS and quotacheck(8) runs very fast on XFS
filesystems, much like fsck.xfs(8).  ;-)

Under the hood, the implementation is completely different.



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