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/dev/cdrom problems (ide-cd being unloaded by cron)

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Subject: /dev/cdrom problems (ide-cd being unloaded by cron)
From: Caleb Land <bokonon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2001 12:13:19 -0400
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        Recently I installed Red Hat 7.1 from the SGI XFS disc (very
nice work BTW) and when I first used the system, I had problems with
ide-cd not loading (as others have), but after running `depmod -a
` everything seemed to be solved, but then as I used the computer past
10 minutes, I noticed that if I didn't have any CDROM drives in
use/mounted during that time, I would lose my /dev/hd[ac] entries, and
the cdrom entries (those are my cdrom devices).  I found that cron was
unloading unused modules every 10 minutes.

Now, if I put something like:

alias   /dev/ide*       /dev/ide (/dev/ide is a probeall module in

alias   /dev/cdroms*    /dev/ide


alias   /dev/hd*        /dev/ide

in my modules.conf, the ide-cd module is loaded whenever these devices
are accessed, but for some reason, the entries in /dev/cdroms keep
incrementing the cdromX number (IE the second time the module is
loaded, I have cdrom2 and cdrom3)

I can fix this by either including the above lines, and referencing
the cdroms with their original or new device names (IE /dev/hdX or
/dev/ide/* but NOT /dev/cdroms as those devices always change) OR I
can disable automatic module unloading.

I just wanted to bring this up, and ask if there was a better

Caleb Land

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