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weird problems

To: linux-xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: weird problems
From: kris buggenhout <kris.buggenhout@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 15 May 2001 22:14:02 +0200
Sender: owner-linux-xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx

I started doing benchmarks with Iozone , which inmho gives a reasonable
comparison between filesystems.
I did some testing on a plain ext2, a plain xfs ( one disk / one
partition - same disk / same machine for both tests)
And am trying the same tests with lvm mounted disks or md subdisks

I have come across some weird errors when using lvm

when the test file gets to 512 Meg i get hardware scsi errors ... the
disks are fine ... but the lvm in combo with xfs screws up

config : Athlon 500 2 adaptec 2940 cards ( identical) 256 M ram 4
identical 9Gig disks (seagate .. formerly from big unix server) a 18G
disk and
an 8G ide disk... RedHat 7.1 with the cvs kernel ( from last week) xfs

thnx in advance

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