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Re: linux 2.4.2-XFS

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Subject: Re: linux 2.4.2-XFS
From: kris buggenhout <kris.buggenhout@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 22 May 2001 23:22:46 +0200
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jansen wrote:

> Russell Cattelan wrote:
> [stuff deleted]
> > The pending release of XFS 1.0.1 will be RH7.1 and 2.4.4 based, and will
> > be based primarily on what is in the development tree... once the list
> > or problems has been whittled down.
> [stuff deleted]
> I realize that you all have a great many other things to do and fixing
> non-XFS related kernel bugs is not your focus but having said that
> I'd really like to see the patch for the IRIX -> Linux NFS directory bug
> (where files are missing when doing an "ls *" in a directory served via
> NFS from an IRIX server) be included in the next XFS release.  I believe
> this was mentioned on the list about three weeks ago.  There is a patch
> that appears to fix this in the 1.0 release (with a little modification
> since the patch is for stock 2.4.2).  I believe there was also a patch
> for 2.4.4 but I haven't had the time to try it.
> This bug initially stopped me from installing the 1.0 release on all
> my Linux machines because we have a fair number of IRIX machines
> serving files via NFS and this bug caused a whole host of problems.
> The patches for this bug can be found at:

wasnt there a workaround ... by exporting the fs on the irix machine with -o
32bitclients option ?

I remember I had to do this to be able to mount irix nfs shares on linux'en
and Solaris 2.5 machines.
without strange problems like not seeing all files in an ls on the nfs

I had to do this because our main file server was an Origin200 ... :)

could be a temp solution to not hold back on xfs ...   ;)

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