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Realtime Section - XFS

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Subject: Realtime Section - XFS
From: alan@xxxxxxxxx
Date: Thu, 07 Jun 2001 14:04:09 -0400 (EDT)
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        Has anyone tried to use linux xfs's realtime section support? although 
publicised, it is there, just manually add 'CONFIG_XFS_RT' to .config in the
root of your kernel sources.  I did finally get this to work, on an lvm,
mounting /dev/vol/xfs with the option of rtdev=/dev/vol/xfsrt, and at mkfs
creation time I did not specify extent size.  The realtime device is the same
size as the main volume, although I do not think this is necessary per se, they
are small, 100M in size, just to test.  So far I am looking for as much
information I can find about realtime volumes, before building a system that
would heavily use them.  Would there be any issues with dumping this filesystem?
I am not sure, but I believe some attribute needs to be set on files to use the
realtime section, as far as speed is concerned.  I am still confused a bit on
this though, so if someone knows, please let me know.  Compiling the kernel with
this option went without event, some normal warnings is all.  This seems stable,
although I do not see why it is not enabled even experimentally in the regular
configuration tools.  Getting GRIO to work with linux would take more doing I
suppose, and is maybe a 2.5.x kernel subject.  On an IRIx 6.5 machine, I saw
/dev/root mounted with the option 'raw=/dev/rroot'. Is this the realtime section
of a IRIX system,.. what looks like a raw device?

Any input or help in this arena would be appreciated, I have found precious
little information on it.

Alan Willis

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