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Re: aid to iso download

Subject: Re: aid to iso download
From: "D. Stimits" <stimits@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 06 Jul 2001 02:25:53 -0600
Cc: "XFS: linux-xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx" <linux-xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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Simon Matter wrote:
> There is no reason to use gzip instead of bzip2. On wondows you can use
> PowerArchiver which will handle bzipped files as well.

I'm not familiar with PowerArchiver. Where is it available? Is it free?
Does it work with win 2k? (perhaps not as relevant, but some might be
interested, is there some sort of similar program to work with bzip2 on
a Mac?)

D. Stimits, stimits@xxxxxxxxxx

> "D. Stimits" schrieb:
> >
> > Being that the ISO images are rather large, it might be nice to have a
> > duplicate of each current ISO available that is the gzip version. gzip
> > is suggested instead of bzip2 because gzip can be decompressed with
> > standard tools on most any machine, including with winzip on windows
> > (unfortunately, I'm one of those people that do not have access to a
> > burner on a linux machine). I'd strongly recommend using "gzip -9" since
> > maximum compression is important. With 300 MB files, it'll probably take
> > some time for compression to complete, but imagine how much it'll pay
> > off against a slow Internet download. I'm hoping to set a slow computer
> > downloading tonight from a windows machine, so I suspect compression
> > could cut down the time by many hours.
> >
> > D. Stimits, stimits@xxxxxxxxxx

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