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xfs 1.0.1 and linux 2.4.6

To: <linux-xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: xfs 1.0.1 and linux 2.4.6
From: alan@xxxxxxxxx
Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2001 03:42:32 -0400 (EDT)
Sender: owner-linux-xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx
Not to sound too bleeding edge, but I would like to begin a test project for 
work that involves, among other things, xfs as the filesystem.
I see that there is an 8.0 mb patch difference between linux 2.4.5 and 2.4.6, 
so I'd prefer using the latter. The nfs and memory fixes that occurred in the 
days since the 2.4.6 patch was created and 2.4.5 1.0.1 release are what I am 
interested in really.

Alternatively, does anyone know how I might convert a 2.4.5-xfs patched kernel 
to 2.4.6?  After perusing manpages for patch, diff, and diff3, I haven't a clue 
as to how I could create a patch for one modified kernel version, that would 
take one set of modifications (xfs) and apply them to what is essentially a 
foriegn environment (2.4.6) for it.

Ideas anyone

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