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Logdev size?

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Subject: Logdev size?
From: Andrew Klaassen <ak@xxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 24 Jul 2001 09:26:53 -0400
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I'm going to be building an array later today, and, seeing as I
won't have much time to test different combinations of options
for performance (I'll be lucky, as usual, if I can get stability
testing done before the box is wanted for production), I thought
I'd ask about what might be good options to try

The box will have...

 - 16 75G IDE drives in a single software RAID 5 array
 - 2 30G IDE drives containing the boot, root, and the big
   array's logdev on RAID 1 partitions.

It'll mostly be film frames - 6MB to 12MB, or thereabouts - with
a comparatively small amount of metadata activity (mostly
compositing work).

Any suggestions on a likely good logdev size?

Any other suggestions to improve XFS performance for this setup?


Andrew Klaassen

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