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Re: spam

To: "XFS: linux-xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx" <linux-xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: spam
From: "Bernhard R. Erdmann" <be@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 09 Jul 2001 00:38:49 +0200
References: <Pine.LNX.4.33.0107090913340.326-100000@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> <3B48DEB5.CAE7BE98@xxxxxxxxxx>
Sender: owner-linux-xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx
> Looking closer, I see that it was a "TO" address of Japan. More
> confusing is:
> Sender:
>     owner-linux-xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx
> Does that mean there was an attempt to forge the header? Or maybe sgi is
> being used as a relay? I see now the actual sender (and the ISP is about
> to get an email):
> "West Quinn" <ptm31p@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

The From: line is forged, too.

Look at the Received: lines:

Received: from mail.sidac.co.jp (dns.sidac.co.jp [])
        by oss.sgi.com (8.11.2/8.11.3) with SMTP id f68KIuV15580
        for <linux-xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx>; Sun, 8 Jul 2001 13:18:56 -0700
Received: from host (06-073.081.popsite.net [])
        by mail.sidac.co.jp (8.9.3/3.7Wpl2) with ESMTP id EAA06944;
        Mon, 9 Jul 2001 04:37:02 +0900

This spam originated from 06-073.081.popsite.net and was relayed through
dns.sidac.co.jp to oss.sgi.com.
I already sent a complaint to abuse@xxxxxxxxxxxx

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