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Re: more comparisons...

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Subject: Re: more comparisons...
From: Federico Sevilla III <jijo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2001 21:12:25 +0800 (PHT)
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On Thu, 26 Jul 2001 at 15:05, Seth Mos wrote:
> Great, so they don't have the same environment that the user actually
> uses and decide that results better not be accepted ;)

Well, I wouldn't like to start ranting and ranting about them, but I think
ReiserFS is great for small files and for the rest, XFS. :)

> XFS is a nice fs for a ftp mirror with ISO images and distributions.

Not only that, it's great if you're burning CDs from ISOs in them over a
network. I noticed ReiserFS is rather jerky when it comes to this, and
jerkiness leads to underruns that leads to coasters.

Of course this is all unofficial. I don't have statistical data to back me
up. I have personal experience, though. And for that only my Squid cache
remains on ReiserFS. :)

 --> Jijo

Federico Sevilla III  :: jijo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Network Administrator :: The Leather Collection, Inc.

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