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Re: Mode of symbolic link

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Subject: Re: Mode of symbolic link
From: Alan Eldridge <alane@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2001 20:50:38 -0400
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On Friday August 10 2001 20:36, you wrote:
> Eric Sandeen wrote:
> > While this may differ from other filesystems,
> >
> > [sandeen@Liberator sandeen]$ man symlink | grep permissions
> >        The permissions of a symbolic  link  are  irrelevant;
> Oops, sorry.  I thought I had a test case where the permissions
> of the link were evaluated, but this turned out to be my mistake.

OK, I know they don't matter, but I'm working with automake tonight and 
feel like adding fuel to the fire. Any fire. He he he.

RPM's verify mode wouldn't possibly look at this, would it? Could RPM 
possibly be so brain damaged as to check the permissions on a symbolic 
link, which are defined to be meaningless?[1]

[1]Could RPM be brain damaged? Does a bear ...
Alan Eldridge
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