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Re: fh_verify: permission failure (?)

To: Steve Lord <lord@xxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: fh_verify: permission failure (?)
From: Darrell Michaud <dmichaud@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 03 Aug 2001 10:59:49 -0400
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Organization: WSI
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I see this same problem with our test XFS / NFS server.

We're testing this setup:

SMP Linux kernel 2.4.6pre5-xfs (from CVS), compiled with kgcc

XFS volume on a software RAID 0 across two IBM 7200 75GB IDE disks shared via NFS

NFS (mostly v2, some v3) Clients using Irix 6.5.9m on SGI O2's.

We've seeing strange NFS behavior to any writeable exports. All clients can successfully mount the export filesystem and read from it. Not all clients can write to it, however, even though they all have identical access.

Some clients get a "access denied: read only filesystem" message when they try to touch new files or make new directies. They get this message repeatedly. Sometimes unmounting the nfs share and reloading the server's nfsd fixes this problem, but not always. Different clients have this problem on different days. It's quite annoying.

I was going to try either a different kernel version, or a simple scsi disk share (no software raid), and hope for better luck.

There is another NFS server in house that uses a 2.2.19 Linux kernel and ext2, and it does not have this problem with the same clients.

Steve Lord wrote:

I've been getting a lot of these...

fh_verify: dbench/NBSIMULD permission failure, acc=44, error=13

...in my system logs lately.

What do they mean?

Andrew Klaassen

These are NFS permissions failures from the NFS server, basically the
client has attempted to access a file it cannot, what type of NFS clients
do you have?


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