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Re: productionserver

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Subject: Re: productionserver
From: "Steve Wolfe" <nw@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2001 14:40:22 -0600
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> Don't use raid 5 if database performance is worth something to you.

  We use PostgreSQL on a hardware RAID controller, RAID 5.  Our system has
never had a stability problem in the 1+ year that it's been running, so I
turned off fsync().  Between the 64 megs of cache on the controller and a
gig of disk cache on the machine, the lights on the drives blink
*occasionally*.  I don't consider RAID 5 to be a problem at all, at least
not in this situation.  Our $12,000 machine will beat the $25,000 Alpha
that a Compaq rep loaned to us.  : )


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