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question: xfs + lvm + kernel 2.4.9

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Subject: question: xfs + lvm + kernel 2.4.9
From: Bartosch Pixa <dante@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2001 17:19:23 +0200
Organization: MicroDiscovery
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i'm trying to get a kernel 2.4.9 working with XFS and LVM 1.0.1-rc2, i got some errors after aplying
the XFS patch (linux-2.4.9-xfs-2001-08-26.patch) to a already LVM patched kernel, the errors were only
in the LVM parts of the kernel, so my question is now if it's sane to ignore these errors or if there are issues
with XFS and LVM.

thx in advance

Bartosch Pixa

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