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I20 and XFS 1.0 - any known issues?

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Subject: I20 and XFS 1.0 - any known issues?
From: Tony Clark <tony@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2001 00:59:55 +0930
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Hi there,

We're beavering away at 1am Australian time trying to get RH7.1 / XFS 1.0 to
play nicely on an I20 RAID controller.  The controller is an Intel SRCU21,
on an Intel 440GX+ Motherboard.

We'd previously tried the 1.0.1 + update combo but it kept dying part way
through the install.

The 1.0 gets all the way through the install, but hangs at the point where
it's trying to mount the file systems.

Any ideas or experiences shared would be appreciated - I could use some



Tony Clark                 e: tony@xxxxxxxxxx
Rising Sun Pictures        t: +61 8 8364 6074
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