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Re: question: xfs + lvm + kernel 2.4.9

To: Bartosch Pixa <bartosch.pixa@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: question: xfs + lvm + kernel 2.4.9
From: "Martin K. Petersen" <mkp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 21 Sep 2001 14:35:33 -0400
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>>>>> "Bartosch" == Bartosch Pixa <bartosch.pixa@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

>> 1.0.1-rc3 should be out next week.  I would recommend you hold off
>> until then.

Bartosch> thx for the info, i sure will, but still there is the
Bartosch> question if there are any problems with lvm and xfs (the
Bartosch> rejecter files during the patch for example)

Hard to tell when I haven't seen the errors.

But apart from the snapshotting issues that are on my list of things
to fix, no.  I don't know of any problems.

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