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Re: Cluster XFS install without CD...

Subject: Re: Cluster XFS install without CD...
From: Juri Haberland <juri@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 05 Oct 2001 21:48:55 +0200
Sender: owner-linux-xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx
Mike Sowka wrote:
> Hello,
> Ok... I realize I should RTFM but I was hoping someone could just point
> me in the right direction. I've been working with XFS since it's 1.0
> release, needless to say ... IT ROCKS. Now that I've been put in charge
> on building a computing cluster at school I'd like to use XFS for my
> cluster nodes. So far...:
> - I've intalled the main node with RH7.1 XFS-1.0.1 using the CD media
> (got a boot disk as well ofcourse)
> - and now I have no clue how to go about installing XFS RH7.1 base
> systems that have NOTHING but a floppy dirve... :) I could install a
> video card on each for the sake of install but other than that all I
> have is the boot disk... any ideas how I should go about this? XFS dump
> maybe?

Hi Mike,

I just did it today, it was pretty easy. You only have to have a NFS
server from where you install with your floppy:
On the NFS server create a directory where you copy all files from the
first and second RedHat CDs to. After that, copy all files from the SGI
CD over this directoy - overwrite as needed.
Then create an install floppy disk from the bootnet.img file that you'll
find in images/.

Boot the machine that should be installed from this disk and follow the
instructions for an install via NFS.
That's it.


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