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Re: [Fwd: Fatal filesystem bug?]

To: Seth Mos <knuffie@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: [Fwd: Fatal filesystem bug?]
From: Stefan Smietanowski <stesmi@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2001 09:47:03 +0100
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We received it but some of the SGI people are on holiday.

Figures :)

You didn't get errors in your log? Was you're filesystem shutdown when this occured?

No errors or anything. Ummm. I find it difficult to read a file from a shutdown filesystem so no, it was mounted :)

Today I went into a directory to run a program and the binary was ..
broken. Couldn't load.

You mean that the ondisk binary had changed and did not work anymore?

Bingo, since the problem persisted after I switched back (ie file still broken).

Tried recompiling from source and that failed too, so I looked at the
source file and it was missing the end of the file.
It was my source so I gather it was the last bytes that were missing.


People have had problems with files containing NULL characters after a unclean shutdown but You are the first I see with a actual damaged file.

Well, null-bytes-as-data is easily explained. This I haven't seen before.

And, I checked the file and it didn't contain a few garbage characters, the length was simply shorter. Ie my "s);\n\n" wasn't "\0\0\0" or something.

What's also odd is that I haven't gotten anything else broken in the trip. I could expect to have broken files all over the place but if I do I haven't found any yet.

Does the problem go away when compiling the tree with egcs? Could you try 2.4.16 when that is merged into CVS. It might be that 2.4.15 and -pre was not that good. It was a pre kernel after all.

I rebooted the system quite fast after I noticed the problems and I didn't try recompiling with egcs, no. Perhaps I should, but it's just that it's a live system. "Well, Stefan, why are you using gcc3 and a cvs kernel on a live system?" "Duh, I donno, I'm stupid and I like bleeding edge". :) It's my home fileserver.

Does this happen often?

Once so far. With 2.4.15-pre7. I'll be trying 2.4.16 shortly.

// Stefan

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