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Re: How to fsck read-only-mounted root filesystem?

To: Dan Hollis <goemon@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: How to fsck read-only-mounted root filesystem?
From: Simon Matter <simon.matter@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 06 Dec 2001 07:54:40 +0100
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Dan Hollis schrieb:
> On 5 Dec 2001, Steve Lord wrote:
> > It is also not 'install a cdrom', it is boot with a bootable cdrom.
> This machine doesnt have any cdrom drive, so it is "install a cdrom drive"
> just to fix the root fs. :-(

But you have a floppy drive, do you? So why don't you take boot/root
floppies instead? They are available as well.

> > > After all, reiserfs can reiserfsck a filesystem mounted read-only...
> > > Maybe it's a bug in xfs_check/xfs_repair?
> >    It is deliberate.
> So is changing this behaviour in the "TODO" list, or is it to permanently
> remain so?

If it is in the TODO list, it will have low priority I guess. There are
more important things on the list.

> It was *really* suprising to me that you can't repair a read-only mounted
> filesystem, I suspect it will be equally suprising to others.

What is life without surprise? Windwos users are also surprised when
they learn that we don't have (need) a C: on our computers :-)

> -Dan
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> [-] Omae no subete no kichi wa ore no mono da. [-]

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