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Re: reiser4 (was Re: [PATCH] Revised extended attributes interface)

To: Andrew Pimlott <andrew@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: reiser4 (was Re: [PATCH] Revised extended attributes interface)
From: Anton Altaparmakov <aia21@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2001 21:01:54 +0000
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At 15:27 13/12/01, Andrew Pimlott wrote:
(Anton, does NTFS define any reserved filename characters, or only

It does. RTFS. (-8

From ntfs-driver-tng/linux/fs/ntfs/layout.h:

 * The maximum allowed length for a file name.

 * Possible namespaces for filenames in ntfs (8-bit).
typedef enum {
        FILE_NAME_POSIX                 = 0x00,
                /* This is the largest namespace. It is case sensitive and
                   allows all Unicode characters except for: '\0' and '/'.
                   Beware that in WinNT/2k files which eg have the same name
                   except for their case will not be distinguished by the
                   standard utilities and thus a "del filename" will delete
                   both "filename" and "fileName" without warning. */
        FILE_NAME_WIN32                 = 0x01,
/* The standard WinNT/2k NTFS long filenames. Case insensitive.
                   All Unicode chars except: '\0', '"', '*', '/', ':', '<',
                   '>', '?', '\' and '|'. Further, names cannot end with a '.'
                   or a space. */
        FILE_NAME_DOS                   = 0x02,
                /* The standard DOS filenames (8.3 format). Uppercase only.
                   All 8-bit characters greater space, except: '"', '*', '+',
                   ',', '/', ':', ';', '<', '=', '>', '?' and '\'. */
        FILE_NAME_WIN32_AND_DOS         = 0x03,
                /* 3 means that both the Win32 and the DOS filenames are
                   identical and hence have been saved in this single filename
                   record. */
} __attribute__ ((__packed__)) FILE_NAME_TYPE_FLAGS;

The whole of layout.h can be viewed here (link to view of CVS):



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