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RE: nfsd lockups with xfs during SPEC SFS testing

To: "HABBINGA,ERIK ""(HP-Loveland,ex1)" <erik_habbinga@xxxxxx>
Subject: RE: nfsd lockups with xfs during SPEC SFS testing
From: Steve Lord <lord@xxxxxxx>
Date: 01 Feb 2002 11:34:52 -0600
Cc: "'linux-xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx'" <linux-xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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On Thu, 2002-01-31 at 16:38, HABBINGA,ERIK (HP-Loveland,ex1) wrote:
> Steve,
>    A co-worker of mine sent me a patch containing the CVS bits at 3:21pm
> Mountain time 1/30/02, he started the CVS download at 2:37pm Mountain time
> 1/30/02 and ended it at 2:38pm Mountain time 1/30/02.  I've been working on
> a patch to remove the BKL from the nfsd process, and have been seeing
> lockups in the xfs code.  I saw these lockups with XFS CVS downloads from
> 1/10/02 and 1/18/02.  I finally started running SPEC tests with out my
> nfsd-BKL-removal patch and still got lockups in the XFS code.  So, I don't
> think this is a regression.
> I ran another test this morning, and got a different profile of lockups.
> I've attached the decoded output from alt-sysrq.  kupdated is locked up in
> xlog_grant_log_space, and all the nfsd processes are locked up either in:
> - fh_lock (all the nfsd3_proc_create->stext_lock->__down_failed->__down
> cases)
> - nfsd_sync (the nfsd_commit->stext_lock->__down_failed->__down cases)
> - pagebuf_grab_lock (the
> _pagebuf_find_lockable_buffer->stext_lock->__down_failed->__down cases)
> - lock_wait (the xfs_access->mraccessf->lock_wait cases)
> - xlog_grant_log_space
> I'll help anyway I can to track this problem down.
> Erik

Are you using anything unusual as the block device here? I would be
suspicious of it not coming back with I/O completions. Basically
all the places threads are waiting are places we wait blocked for
a read or a write to complete. If you have other filesystems on
the same device, can you do I/O to them?


Steve Lord                                      voice: +1-651-683-3511
Principal Engineer, Filesystem Software         email: lord@xxxxxxx

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