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Re: configure bug ?

To: elkner@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: configure bug ?
From: Walt H <waltabbyh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2002 09:25:51 -0800
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Not sure if this helps you out, but if you set DIST_ROOT=/somedirectory/ and then export it prior to make install, it will prepend that dir to your install. Useful for installing the progs to a temp location for rescue disc builds etc...


elkner@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

just tried to build xfsprogs-1.3.17.src.tar.gz. For the "usual" user
no problem, but if you want to make your own packages, which are not
debian or redhat, you are out of luck, since your configure does
not obey the --prefix=$proto option :(

Since setting PREFIX and ROOT_PREFIX env variables did not work either,
I need to replace PKG_.*_DIR values with sed, but IMHO this is quick and
dirty as well.

Furthermore I consider checking for ${prefix}/[share/]man/man1/man.1.gz
to set HAVE_ZIPPED_MANPAGES is also very dirty because these directories
or the man man page might not exist or not gzipped, but others.

Thus an configure option e.g. --man={gz|cat|auto} would be nice, which
might be set for compatibility reasons per default to "auto", where the
traditional mechanismen might be used to determine the HAVE_ZIPPED_MANPAGES

Another bug is related to static builds. With ./configure --prefix=$PROTO --enable-shared=no --enable-shared-uuid=no
one is out of luck again, since on pass 1 it is compiled static, but than
make builds the dynamic version and overwrites the static binary :(((

So can you fix the:
         --prefix option
         gzipped man page stuff and
         building static progs


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