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Re: cloning computers with xfs

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Subject: Re: cloning computers with xfs
From: Jonathan Dill <dill@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 11 Mar 2002 16:32:34 -0500
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I'm using rsync or xfsdump to clone systems with a few different

BTW you can sort of emulate xfscopy by piping xfsdump to xfsrestore.

You can find info on rsync at rsync.samba.org or poke around on

1. rsync over the network

I partition the system with 2 root partitions, one that holds the
running OS, and I use rsync to copy a root filesystem to the second root
partition.  Finally, you edit fstab on the cloned system, and add an
entry in lilo.conf to boot the new OS.

This setup has a couple fringe benefits:  a) you can install a beta
version of the OS on one partition and revert to the stable version if
you have problems; b) between upgrades, you can mirror the root
filesystem so eg. if your box gets hacked or the root fs gets trashed,
you can boot into the other "clean" copy.

2. rsync from disk to disk

This method is done most easily if you have removable hard drive
cartridge and bracket.  I get ATA-100 cartridge/bracket for $22.  You
could also use external SCSI or even hot swap SCSI bay.  I keep the
"master" copy on my workstation which has a removable drive bay, so I
just shut down and install the cartridge with the disk that I want to
clone to.

3. xfsdump over the network

I do an xfsdump of the root that I want to clone to a file and compress
with gzip or bzip2 and make this "image" accessible via NFS.  I use a
set up with 2 root partitions like #1 because you don't want to write
over the running OS.  Then I just use xfsrestore to extract the root
onto the 2nd root partition.

4. xfsdump from disk to disk

Similar to #2, but use xfsrestore to extract onto the disk in the
removable cartridge.

"Jonathan F. Dill" (dill@xxxxxxxxxxxx)
UMBI CARB IT Coordinator
Experimental Support Site http://concept.umbi.umd.edu

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