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Re: cloning computers with xfs

To: Jonathan Dill <dill@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: cloning computers with xfs
From: Austin Gonyou <austin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 11 Mar 2002 15:44:23 -0600
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FYI. System Imager is Rsync with scripts to aid storage and retreival. 

On Mon, 2002-03-11 at 15:32, Jonathan Dill wrote:
> I'm using rsync or xfsdump to clone systems with a few different
> methods.
> BTW you can sort of emulate xfscopy by piping xfsdump to xfsrestore.
> You can find info on rsync at rsync.samba.org or poke around on
> freshmeat.net.
> 1. rsync over the network
> I partition the system with 2 root partitions, one that holds the
> running OS, and I use rsync to copy a root filesystem to the second root
> partition.  Finally, you edit fstab on the cloned system, and add an
> entry in lilo.conf to boot the new OS.
> This setup has a couple fringe benefits:  a) you can install a beta
> version of the OS on one partition and revert to the stable version if
> you have problems; b) between upgrades, you can mirror the root
> filesystem so eg. if your box gets hacked or the root fs gets trashed,
> you can boot into the other "clean" copy.
> 2. rsync from disk to disk
> This method is done most easily if you have removable hard drive
> cartridge and bracket.  I get ATA-100 cartridge/bracket for $22.  You
> could also use external SCSI or even hot swap SCSI bay.  I keep the
> "master" copy on my workstation which has a removable drive bay, so I
> just shut down and install the cartridge with the disk that I want to
> clone to.
> 3. xfsdump over the network
> I do an xfsdump of the root that I want to clone to a file and compress
> with gzip or bzip2 and make this "image" accessible via NFS.  I use a
> set up with 2 root partitions like #1 because you don't want to write
> over the running OS.  Then I just use xfsrestore to extract the root
> onto the 2nd root partition.
> 4. xfsdump from disk to disk
> Similar to #2, but use xfsrestore to extract onto the disk in the
> removable cartridge.
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