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Re: kernel OOPS in xlog_do_log_recovery (2.4.19)

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Subject: Re: kernel OOPS in xlog_do_log_recovery (2.4.19)
From: Sidik Isani <lksi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 18 Sep 2002 16:23:59 -1000
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Hello -

  As a follow-up to my previous posting: I just tried the current
  linux-2.4-xfs from CVS, and the same thing happens (mount crashes
  and I drop into kdb.)  Something is strange about the formatting
  of the backtrace in kdb ... some lines are definitely scrolling
  off the top of my console before the "more>" prompt appears.  This
  time the function at the top of my screen is "scrup", but I think
  there are stack levels above which rolled off the screen (is there
  a screen height setting in kdb?)

  Anyway, the crash still happens right after "Starting XFS recovery".
  Please let me know what I should do next...


- Sidik

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