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Re: Suggestions for kernel/XFS version? Release?

To: Steve Lord <lord@xxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: Suggestions for kernel/XFS version? Release?
From: Kelly Corbin <kcorbin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 02 Oct 2002 12:04:23 -0500
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I know you guys get asked this alot, but what's your best guesstimate of your next full release? I'm not having any problems with my current XFS installations, so I'm wondering if I should just wait a little while longer to upgrade from 2.4.16 (XFS 1.1) to 2.4.19 (next XFS release), or go ahead an do it now (XFS from CVS) because a release is not in the near future.



Steve Lord wrote:
Just a simple answer, those 'snapshots' that you see are probably a lot
more stable than 1.1 or 1.0 were. Most of what has gone into xfs since
1.1 has been bug fixes and code cleanup. In general I run the cvs tree,
plus other changes I am working on on my workstation. Unless I messed
up somewhere in those extra changes, I have zero problems. We run
nightly regression tests internally, and it is only rarely that
they show anything up.


On Wed, 2002-10-02 at 10:40, Theo Van Dinter wrote:

I've been using XFS for a while, but find myself in a bit of a quandry
about where to go now...

A week or two ago, my main server got very flaky (semi-constant
rebooting), so I replaced the Athlon UP MB/CPU for a nice
Athlon MP version.  It came up fine with the kernel at the time
(2.4.9-31SGI_XFS_1.1, no data loss or errors), so I upgraded to
smp-2.4.18-4SGI_XFS_1.1 to get a recent MP-based kernel.

The server has a 3ware RAID controller, and also uses LVM, so I've been
paying attention to versions of these drivers.  2.4.18 and previous
had old versions of the 3ware driver, so I would compile a new version
whenever I changed kernels.

This is when I noticed that the UP XFS 2.4.18-4 (could have been
XFS 2.4.18 instead) kernel had LVM 1.0.3, whereas SMP XFS 2.4.18-4
has 1.0.1-rc4.  I also found that SMP XFS 2.4.18-4 seemed to hit the
disk a lot for writes, almost like it had no or only a very small
kernel-level write cache/XFS pre-allocation space. (write cache is off
on the controller)

Since the performance was noticably bad because of this, I switched last
night to SMP 2.4.18-SGI_XFS_1.1.  This seems to have solved my performance
problem, but I now I have 2 new problems.  1) I'm left with LVM 1.0.1-rc4,
and 2) I can't compile a new 3w-xxxx driver (the module compiles, but I get
"Undefined symbols" when I run the depmod to verify installation).

So the quandry is: Where should I go from here?  So far,
2.4.18-SGI_XFS_1.1 seems to have solved the performance issue I was
seeing, but has old LVM and 3w-xxxxx drivers which I'd like to upgrade.
It looks like 2.4.19 has LVM 1.0.3 and the correct 3w-xxxx driver version
already.  So I could compile up my own kernel, but the only XFS patch I
see for 2.4.19 is a CVS snapshot from last week.  I'm leary of using a
snapshot for an integral part of the kernel, but there doesn't seem to
be a 1.1 patch for 2.4.19 (and the 2.4.18 patch seems to be XFS 1.1-PR2).

Any thoughts?  Thanks. :)

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