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linvfs_get_dentry patch for 2.5.44

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Subject: linvfs_get_dentry patch for 2.5.44
From: Kazuhisa TAKEI <takei@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 28 Oct 2002 11:51:50 +0900
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this patch add linvfs_get_dentry  to linvfs_set_inode_ops.  

in 2.5.44 XFS's kernel 
when dentry is not cached , if detnry is searched  using find_export_dentry  
knfsd will do Oops. 
this probrem's is the only using NFS.
This patch define linvfs_get_dentry and it avoid to perform read_inode.
Probrem don't occur if  read_inode was  defined.
Are There reason of removing linvfs_read_inode ? 

following is Oops case.

Test Case:

1. server export
server side:
  # mount -o xfs /dev/sdb1 /testexport
  # mkdir -k  /testexport/a/b/c
  # exportfs nfsserver:/test

2. mounting in mounting
client side:
  # mount nfsserver:/testexport /mounttest
  # cd /mounttest/a/b/c

3. reboot server and restart knfsd.
  ( dont umound in client side)
4. perform 'ls' cmd in client side
  # ls  
5. print Oops in Serverside.  


Kazuhisa TAKEI

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