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[Bug 207] Filesystem corruption at boot, with data loss

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Subject: [Bug 207] Filesystem corruption at boot, with data loss
From: bugzilla-daemon@xxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Wed, 8 Jan 2003 00:42:12 -0800
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------- Additional Comments From cw@xxxxxxxx  2003-01-07 13:28 -------
Subject: Re:  New: Filesystem corruption at boot, with data loss

On Tue, Jan 07, 2003 at 08:22:45AM -0800, bugzilla-daemon@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> At reboot, I randomly get a filesystem corruption: the first time
> the system wasn't able to mount /, the other times it wasn't able to
> read getty, so I coudn't read the other messages.

is the hd write-caching disabled?

> After the repairs, there was random data loss (entire files with 0
> length).

getting this for files that were open for writes is normal, in
unrelated file it it not


------- Additional Comments From dgborin@xxxxxxxxx  2003-01-08 00:42 -------
1) My CPU is an AMD Athlon, not K6, I wrote wrong.

2) I get this corruption at boot time: the system was correctly shut down
previously, so data loss isn't normal!

I don't know if HD write cache is enabled: I kept factory set up, so I think
it's not. I will look, but I don't think it could be related, because with
2.4.19 kernel and XFS patch 2002-09-27 all works well.

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