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default quota limits in linux (via quotactl())

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Subject: default quota limits in linux (via quotactl())
From: "Stefan (metze) Metzmacher" <metze@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 27 Jan 2003 15:41:00 +0100
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Hi Alexander and *,

I would like linux to handle default quota limits like NTFS 5 do it.

So if a new user is added to the system and start to own disk space on a filesystem he
should get the default quotas for the specified FS as his own quotas.

Now a new user has unlimited disk space until root explicit sets quota limits for this user.

I have searched in google to find another unix witch allready implements this feature,
but I didn't find any. So I decided to add two (four) new cmd's to quotactl(),


and for the XFS Quotas


this call should take the same paramter's as the Q_GETQUOTA /Q_XGETQUOTA ..
cmd's but the uid/gid should be ignored here and the filesystem defaults should be get or set.

I think this should be an easy task to be implemented in the filesystems witch allready support quotas.

I attach a patch witch modify the quotactl system call for this.

the implemetation inside the filesystems, should be done by the maintainers:-)

PS: I'm currently using XFS and it would be very cool if the default quota limits could implemented very fast...:-)

I hope I will get feedback :)

thanks anyway...

please cc me: in all replies:-)

Stefan "metze" Metzmacher <metze@xxxxxxxxxxx> 

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