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Problems mounting an ext3 filesystem with XFS kernel

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Subject: Problems mounting an ext3 filesystem with XFS kernel
From: Lucas Barbuto <lucas@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 28 Jan 2003 10:22:21 +1100
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Hi Seth and Harri,

On Fri, Jan 24, 2003 at 10:05:42AM +0100, Seth Mos wrote:
> What Raid level are you using? You can only boot a software raid 1 array.

Yes RAID-1.

> What do the first KB of the filesystem show?
> dd if=/dev/hdeX of=bootblock.bin bs=512 count=4

Oops, don't know, I just zeroed out the whole disk over the weekend.
I'll check it out after my next attempt.

> You did actually partition the disk did you?

Yep.  Both exactly the same.  I didn't create a seperate /boot though.
Could this be a problem?  I've never had to do it on any machine I've
installed before.  I'm going to try it, see if it helps (?).

> I'm assuming that you are trying to boot from the root disk which would be 
> a raid 1.

Yes.  It's /dev/md1.

> When installing lilo it should print out 2 lines where it installs itself 
> on both disks in the superblock.

Yes, that's right, it gives me a warning about using 0x80 for the disk
(I don't really get this, but I assume it's not a problem) then it says
it's successfully installed in /dev/md1, /dev/hde and /dev/hdg.

> I personally find this howto useful with respect to this.
> http://ldp.iserv.nl/HOWTO/Software-RAID-HOWTO-4.html#ss4.14

I've read a bunch of RAID howtos (even written my own so I wouldn't
forget how to do it again), but this error has got me stumped.  Thanks
for your help I will keep trying.

Harri Haataja wrote:
> little long shot here, but did you make a new initrd at what points?
> I'm not sure but I think the actual root filesystem type is mentioned
> somewhere on the initrd and you have to make a new one if it's
> changed.

I don't really know much about initrd (my understanding is that it's a
minimal kernel image that's loaded onto a ram disk for booting the
system so that you can have essential things like file system support
compiled as modules).  I'm pretty sure I'm not using it though.  I
rebuilt my new kernel using Debian's kernel-package tool (make-kpkg).  I
don't think it uses initrd.  In any case, the root file system shouldn't
have changed, my original install was onto ext2 and the new system is
supposed to have an ext3 root partition, should be the same for all
intents and purposes, correct?  Feel free to correct me here.  Do I need
to use initrd?  I didn't use one for the last system I installed a
Boot+Root+Software-RAID on.  Thanks again.



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