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xfs_repair unable to repair a corrupt filesystem

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Subject: xfs_repair unable to repair a corrupt filesystem
From: "Russell G. Howe" <rhowe@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 23 Feb 2003 08:12:55 +0000
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I'm having some problems with /var on my machine. The machine itself is
rather unstable and hangs every few days, but I don't think that is

What does concern XFS is the data corruption I experience after such a
hard lockup (Alt+SysRq+B won't reboot the box, no HDD activity, etc).
/var has had at least some corruption for the past week or so which I
haven't had chance to fix. I took the opportunity just now after the
latest hang (which has hosed /home). I'll post a seperate message about
the /home problem singe it seems to be a seperate issue.

xfs_repair on /var appeared to fix at least some things, but there were
clearly still errors. I re-ran xfs_repair and got this output:


The output appears identical no matter how many times I run xfs_repair.

I'm using XFS from CVS, sometime around the 19th Dec (that is the date
of compilation, and I update just before I compile). It's based on
2.4.20. Is this too old to be of use as a bug report? I am able and
willing to build a more up to date release of XFS if need be.

xfs_repair is from the Debian (unstable) package, and reports its
version as 2.3.11

I can mount /var, but all those xfs_repair errors make me rather
suspicious about using it.

Most errors appear to be centred around one large (700Mbish) file, which
I don't mind losing.
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