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Re: Automatic detection of O(1) scheduler in latest kdb

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Subject: Re: Automatic detection of O(1) scheduler in latest kdb
From: Nicholas Wourms <nwourms@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 09 Apr 2003 09:08:50 -0400
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Keith Owens wrote:
On Tue, 08 Apr 2003 11:28:54 -0400, Nicholas Wourms <nwourms@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

According to the ChangLog, the kdb code now has automatic recognition support for the O(1) scheduler. However, in kdb_bt.c, there is an ungaurded "init_tasks". This causes problems for users of O(1), because the scheduler removes init_tasks in favor of something else. Just thought I'd report this.

It depends which O(1) scheduler you are using, there are multiple
variants.  In the version that SGI use on the Altix boxes, init_tasks
still exists.

That makes sense.

However this has got to be enough of a nuisance that the next version
of kdb will drop init_tasks and use its own data areas to track the
idle tasks.

Do you have a quick fix until then? By far, I believe most people use Ingo's O(1), which is the same as what is in 2.5. This is what I'm using in this case, and also what people using RedHat kernels are using.


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