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[Bug 236] XFS on "/" with usrquota: gives "XFS: unknown mount option [us

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Subject: [Bug 236] XFS on "/" with usrquota: gives "XFS: unknown mount option [usrquota]"
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Date: Thu, 10 Apr 2003 15:57:59 -0700
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------- Additional Comments From nathans@xxxxxxx  2003-10-04 15:57 PDT -------

This is not a bug, it is really a request for engineering.  The problem is
understood, and is fundamentally that you're trying to remount a filesystem
with quota enabled which previously didn't have quota enabled.  This is not
supported, and it would take a fair amount of effort to implement, which
unfortunately isn't going to be done anytime soon (I have a number of more
pressing issues to sort through, but would be prepared to assist anyone out
there who wanted to try and get this to work...).

From xfsprogs/doc/README.quota, on mounting root filesystems with quota:
     o   Turning on quotas on the root filesystem is slightly different
         from the above.  In more recent versions of XFS, the quota mount
         flags must be passed in with the "rootflags=" boot parameter.
         In older versions of XFS and (quota-tools) quotaon(8) must be
         used on the root XFS filesystem first; and quotas will be turned
         on the next time the system is rebooted.

It has been this way for several months, although only recently have we
changed the mount option parsing code to not allow quota options to be
passed in (incorrectly) on remount when they were not specified at mount
time originally.


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