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RE: Mixed case support in XFS

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Subject: RE: Mixed case support in XFS
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Date: Fri, 23 May 2003 11:31:30 -0600
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Samba already does handle the conversion to case insensitivity. However, it
is not a very fast solution. The idea of having case insensitivity in XFS is
to bypass that complexity in samba and let XFS handle it. The current
thinking of the samba team is that this will improve samba performance as
much as 15-20%.

- bones

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Subject: Re: Mixed case support in XFS

> Easily handled with a tweak to locasefs.  creat() and readdir()
> preserve case, stat() and open() on existing files drop the filenames
> to lower case.  But as Steve says, Irix has the same problem, so LUFS
> is not a permanent fix.  It might be an acceptable workaround for Linux
> users in the short term.

AFAIK samba does it already internally, but the algorithms they use for this
(which are more accurate than your hack) are relatively costly, so they
prefer to get file system support.


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