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Re: XFS as initrd file system

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Subject: Re: XFS as initrd file system
From: "Jason H. Smith" <jhs@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2003 22:08:38 +0700
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On Tuesday 24 June 2003 09:17 pm, Nathan Straz wrote:
> IMHO, a journaled file system is a little overkill for an initrd image.
> If you want an alternative to ext2, you might want to look at cramfs. 
> I think using XFS for an initrd image is best kept to an academic
> exercise.

That's a good point.  The argument for XFS is that the kernel already has 
XFS (it later mounts standard hard drives); so why bloat the kernel with 
another filesystem?  (Okay, cramfs isn't that much bloat, but it still 
violates the KISS principle.)

But in truth, I already have it working; just that an XFS-only kernel 
strikes me as the most elegant (compare: compiling a whole new filesystem 
for the 5 seconds spent in initrd).  Anyway this initrd madness will go 
away in 2.6, so there's some good news.

Thanks everybody for the helpful input.

Jason Smith
Open Enterprise Systems
Bangkok, Thailand

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