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Re: XFS shutdown with 1.3.0

To: Simon Matter <simon.matter@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: XFS shutdown with 1.3.0
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Date: Tue, 09 Sep 2003 07:38:57 -0700
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Simon Matter wrote:
> I have been forced to investigate this a bit more. I have found more and
> more servers in my environment with similar problems. It looks like the
> following systems are affected:
> The filesystem:
> - resides on Software RAID
> - was created with an early Linux/XFS version (IIRC 1.0.x)
> I don't know when the problem came in. I have the problem regardless
> whether the filesystem has ever been grown or not. This happens with
> XFS1.3.0.
> When doing xfs_repair, I usually find all content in lost+found/128/. One
> file is usually missing. After xfs_repair, I have to mount/unmount the fs.
> Then, xfs_repair runs without any error.
> Any ideas what could have happened ?
> Simon

Just wanted to chime in with a "me too". Our main filserver runs over a
6 disk software raid5 on U160 drives and I've had a few corruptions
causing it to go down. The filesystems were created around Nov. 2002 and
I was bitten by the "clean umount may corrupt root FS" bug around that
time. Two or three times since, I've had to xfs_repair the filesystem
which has resulted in moving the contents of the FS to lost+found/128/.
It's an AMD SMP box utilizing the 760MPX chipset. After an xfs_repair,
mount, umount and subsequent check, the filesystem appears clean. I've
thought about re-mkfs'ing the filesystems in case there is some left
over cruft that might be causing it. I'm open to ideas.


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