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Re: Why can't I put Log File on its own drive/partition?

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Subject: Re: Why can't I put Log File on its own drive/partition?
From: "Simon Matter" <simon.matter@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2003 21:47:12 +0100 (CET)
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> According to information on the XFS home page, writing XFS files can be
> sped
> up by as much as 30 percent by having the "metadata" or "journal" file
> stored
> on a separate drive.
> I am trying do use that "speed up" proceedure without any success.
> Here's my setup. I have 6 Firewire Drives arranged into three RAID 1
> arrays
> (md0, md1, md2). Then the  3 RAID 1 arrays are combined into one RAID 0
> array
> (md3). The end result is a single RAID 10 array.
> I don't have any trouble putting XFS on the array with a simple
> mkfs.xfs -f -b size=4096 /dev/md3 -- and then mounting the array with
> mount -t xfs /dev/md3 /home/raid1
> However, I have been unable to configure XFS on the array so that the
> journal
> goes on a separate drive. I am wondering if I'm doing something wrong.
> The place where I'm trying to put the journal file is a 4 GB partition on
> an
> internal IDE drive.
> The command  mkfs.xfs -f -l logdev=/dev/hdb3,size=10000b -b size=4096
> /dev/md3  is accepted by the system. It looks as if I formatted the RAID
> with XFS and
> put the journal on in a separate place.
> But when I try to mount the RAID as I did above, I get the following
> error:
> mount:  wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/md3
>             or too many mounted file systems.
> I believe I also tried something like   mount -t xfs logdev=dev/hdb3
> /dev/md3.
> I think I also tried   mount -t xfs logdev=dev/hdb3,size=10000b   /dev/md3

Hm, sorry for the spam, I meant
mount -t xfs -o logdev=dev/hdb3 /dev/md3

> Does anybody have any ideas about what the trouble is? Am I issuing the
> wrong
> commands? Is it impossible to put the journal on the IDE partition?  It's
> a
> primary partition at the end of a drive. I've tried marking the partition
> with
> fdisk as type 83/Linux. Also tried (Raid Auto Detect). Same problem either
> way.
> I vaguely remember something about the place where I put the journal
> having
> to be exactly the same number of blocks as the size that's specified in
> the
> "logdev=dev/location,size=xxxxxb"  line. If that's true, I have no idea
> how to
> accomplish that.
> Thanks in advance for the help. I'm about to launch into storing a lot of
> data on the RAID and I would like to set it up so that it works as
> efficiently as
> possible.
> Regards,
> Andy Liebman

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