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Update for XFS on the IXDP425

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Subject: Update for XFS on the IXDP425
From: "Ranslam, Robert E" <robert.e.ranslam@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2004 15:53:08 -0800
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Thread-topic: Update for XFS on the IXDP425
Attached is a patch that Greg Ungerer made in checking out XFS on the
IXDP425.  This fixed basic issues that could help other that would want
to use XFS on BE Xscale Linux systems.

Initial reports indicate that does help.  

This was made against xfs v1.3.1

> I have a fix for the problem and I can reproduce with XFS on the
> IXDP425. With the attached patch applied I can do basic filesystem
> manipluations with no problems now (things like copies, deletes,
> etc).
> Not to say there isn't more problems but it seems to basically work
> reliably with this in place. And this is with all debug and asserts
> turned on, so that gives me a little bit more confidence.
> The patch uses a different method to calculate the size of the
> secondary directory structure. I think the original calculation
> is using the wrong struct size, I would need to consult XFS experts
> on the XFS mailing to confirm this fix.

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