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Re: open unlinked logs (was Re: losing disk space)

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Subject: Re: open unlinked logs (was Re: losing disk space)
From: Jason White <jasonw@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 27 Mar 2004 14:52:35 +1100
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Eric Sandeen writes:
 > nothing wrong with unlinking open files, they just hang
 > around to some extent until they're closed.  I don't think
 > it's anything to worry about, although it might be odd that
 > something is holding it open after deletion for a very long
 > time...  What is pid 380?


I just thought that as what xfs_repair recovered a few weeks ago was
also a cups log file that there might be a connection between log
files' being held open after deletion, and the disconnected inode on
that occasion (xfs_repair was run after a power failure and after xfs recovery).
From the original report by Greg Koch it appears there were
disconnected inodes in that case too, though we don't know yet whether
files were being held open after unlinking.

There might be nothing in any of this, of course.

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