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Re: Your post on the linux-xfs mailing list

To: Avtar Gill <av_gill@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: Your post on the linux-xfs mailing list
From: Jeff Snyder <jeff@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 28 Mar 2004 15:33:02 +0000
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Hi Avtar, 

On Sunday 28 March 2004 09:08, Avtar Gill wrote:
> Hi I'm curious to know if you're issues with XFS + EVMS & LVM on
> a RAID 1 array were solved after your last post to the mailing
> list. I will have a similar set up so I'd appreciate it if you
> could share the rest of your experience. Thanks.

after my posts on the xfs mailing list, I had my xfs filesystems in a usable 
state. It has however taken me a week of recompiling stuff (gentoo) to 
recover from the filesystem damage :(

Right now i'm back to running one disk, so I dont know if I'll have the same 
problems when I next try to expand my raid onto the second disk, but I'll let 
you know when I do. I'll probably sync the disks manually before letting evms 
near it, as a safety measure next time.

However, If you're in a situation to set up evms with raid1 accross both disks 
from the start, then do that. It's what I did on my debian server and that's 
worked wonderfully (just read the install guide and make sure you have the 
raid1 patch if neccecary!) :D



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